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Dear Diary

Period Pains (Part 2) ~ A Deeper Look At Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea, or menstrual pain, affects 40-95 percent of menstruating women and is one of the leading causes of regular absenteeism among young women- at work & in life. In our previous installment, we briefly touched upon the 2 types of dysmenorrhea. Before we deep dive into them, understand that our body is not the enemy here –in fact it is always teaming with us to achieve its most harmonious and natural state of being. Pain is only one of the ways it communicates a lack of harmony. Now let’s get into it. Primary Dysmenorrhea This is described as dysmenorrhea that is not caused by an organ ailment. The first signs of pain normally appear six to twelve months following the...

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Pop & Pour Your Period Pain Away

The fact that red wine is so beneficial when you're menstruating is rarely mentioned. The truth is that the components in a glass of red wine may act as a protective barrier against this type of physical anguish. A few glasses might be just what you need. Here’s why: Why Wine? In the world of various traditional medicines, many sorts of food have certain medicinal & restorative qualities. These foods or the associated ingredients in them build a protective wall inside the body while defending it from recurring ailments like the physical agony of periods. One such food from the gods is the ever-enriching Red Wine! Red Vs White Because red wine warms the body, it is preferable to white...

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Period Pains (Part 1) - Bloody Roots

Period cramps are like a universal expression of uterine solidarity. It's as if all women are members of an invite-only club, and the only way to get in is to cause them as much pain as possible. We've whined on the couch, sobbed in the bathroom, and tried to eat the misery away. Cramps might be inconspicuous, or they can be painful and severe. One out of every ten people experiences pain that interferes with their daily activities for one to three days. Understanding the causes of period pains will help you figure out what to do about them and find the best method of pain relief that suits your body. Let's get to the bottom of your periodic cramping....

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Gen Z & The Period Cup

A menstrual cup is a little FDA-approved, medical grade, funnel-shaped silicone receptacle. This little innovation has found a market among Gen Z-ers, born between 1995 and 2010, who are known for their activism and innovative tendencies. They are blooming into amazing business leaders and some of the best activists the world has ever seen - because of the intersection of these two distinguishing attributes. #MeToo, climate change sustainability, and healthcare are just a few of the issues that Generation Z is advocating. Using a menstrual cup represents a solution to all of the aforementioned issues. Let’s give the previous statement some more context- Changing The Conversation Menstruation used to be a taboo subject, but that is no longer the case. Period....

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Using A Femino Cup With Your IUD

For all women in their reproductive years, birth control is a common concern. People are looking for choices that are affordable, accessible, and convenient. An IUD (Intrauterine Device) is a popular option, and many IUD users choose to pair it with the convenience & comfort of a period cup. Because of their reusable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly design, menstrual cups are becoming more common. However, if you have an Intrauterine Device inserted, you need to consider a few things before using a menstrual cup. Wait. Intrute…….. What!?! IUDs are T-shaped devices that are unobtrusive and efficient. IUDs must be implanted by a medical professional, and the operation takes just a few minutes. A speculum is inserted into the vaginal canal...

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