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Heat Oil & Water - The 3 Elements Of Period Care

Your body is your best friend, till the end. What would you do if your actual best-friend was going through a hard time? You'll obviously look after them and give them everything you've got - you'll strive to be there for them at all times, check in on them, pamper them, and make sure they go back to their old selves as quickly as possible. Why shouldn't you want to do the same for yourself if you're prepared to do it for someone else? Stay in touch with your body during a grueling time like menstruation with these 3 elements: Bring The Heat Relax the muscles of your uterus by applying a warm patch or wrap to your abdomen. Heat ...

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Sustainability & Skincare - 4 Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Natural Skincare

Every day, we are exposed to over 130 chemicals across a wide range of personal care items we utilize. Choosing more natural, sustainable products for cosmetics, period care, and around the house, in general,  will drastically minimise your chemical exposure and environmental effect. As we gain a better understanding of the advantages of reducing our exposure to synthetics, chemicals, and plastics, it's crucial to remember that what we put inside our bodies is just as significant as what we put on our skin. The 4 most important questions you should ask yourself while selecting natural skin care products are: Going Natural – What’s The Big Deal In The First Place? Parabens are commonly found in cosmetic products because they mimic...

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Pop & Pour Your Period Pain Away

The fact that red wine is so beneficial when you're menstruating is rarely mentioned. The truth is that the components in a glass of red wine may act as a protective barrier against this type of physical anguish. A few glasses might be just what you need. Here’s why: Why Wine? In the world of various traditional medicines, many sorts of food have certain medicinal & restorative qualities. These foods or the associated ingredients in them build a protective wall inside the body while defending it from recurring ailments like the physical agony of periods. One such food from the gods is the ever-enriching Red Wine! Red Vs White Because red wine warms the body, it is preferable to white...

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