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Zero Waste & Sustainable Homes (Part 1)

Municipalities were the only ones debating the phrase “Zero Waste” a decade ago. But in today’s age of sustainable living, "zero waste" is a popular buzzword. Let’s look at what exactly it implies, and how it can be achieved at home.

 Adopting ‘Earth Happy’ Habits

It takes some getting used to the idea of living completely waste-free, because our modern lifestyles continuously demand that we focus our attention on consuming for the sake of consuming. We have forgotten many of the vital responsibilities in life because of this continuous cycle of consumerism.

Living without waste does not require you to forego life's comforts; it simply necessitates a more conscientious approach to your purchasing decisions. You'll be doing yourself a favour by avoiding unnecessary purchases and, as a result, lowering your carbon impact. Ultimately, by lowering the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills, you will be helping the environment.

Close To Zero

Although the ‘zero’ in Zero Waste suggests that the movement's goal is to eliminate all home trash and send nothing to the landfill, most Zero Waste supporters admit that producing zero waste is nearly unachievable.

The Reasoning Behind Such A lifestyle

Demand for products with unnecessary packaging will decrease if you refuse to buy or accept them. You may help alleviate our planet's growing plastic crisis by refusing to buy things packaged in single-use plastics. You'll also get rid of a lot of pollutants from your life and your surroundings.

Depending on where you live, the Zero Waste lifestyle may take on different forms, but everyone can contribute in some way. Urban dwellers may have more bulk product options or be closer to vendors who will fill personal containers. Residents in rural areas may have greater food production possibilities (backyard chickens & ducks, anyone?)

Streamlining What You Bring Into Your Home

Our homes will be easier to manage and there will be less trash overall if we bring less through the door. This applies to the food we purchase, the clothes we wear, the menstrual products we use, the toys we allow our children to play with, the way we store our food, and everything in between. Once you get adjusted to this new way of living however, what had once seemed like necessities will no longer need to be part of your lifestyle.

Is it breaking your heart to see all the trash all around you? Do you wish you could contribute, but you're afraid your contribution would be too insignificant? There is no such thing as an insignificant contribution. Granted, major changes do not occur overnight. However, it is critical to begin taking basic actions to reduce the amount of garbage we produce. We will be doing a detailed room by room analysis of an ideal ‘zero-waste’ home, so stay tuned!

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