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Zero Waste & Sustainable Homes - The Bathroom

The lavatory, unlike the kitchen (hyperlink to kitchen blog), is not a haven for edible goods in single-use packaging. Nonetheless, personal care items are likely usually made from a variety of plastics as well, and many of them can only be recycled once before ending up in a landfill. By removing these items from your medical cabinet, you will be able to reduce the demand for these items. Here is how you can make amends and save some money while at it.

Shampooing & Shaving

Purchasing shampoo and conditioner in bulk and storing them in your own pop-top glass bottles is a great way to save money. If these aren't accessible in your area, look at solid shampoo and conditioning bars. They are now available without packaging from a number of companies.
Tip: If your hair is short, try this: Rinse your hair, then massage baking soda into it, followed by a vinegar rinse for shine.

Electric razors that can be recharged reduce the need for shaving cream and, in some situations, blade replacements. However, some individuals still prefer stainless steel safety razors because electric razors don't last forever. Shaving cream can be replaced with a simple mixture of coconut oil (or jojoba oil) and aloe vera gel.

Hygiene Products

You could be creating a mountain of trash if you use disposable menstrual products every month. The majority of pads are made of 90% plastic, whereas liners are usually made of rayon and plastic. Menstrual cups and other reusable menstrual devices like period panties reduce waste and protect your body from hazardous toxins during your period.

Use toilet paper that is 100 percent recycled and unbleached, individually wrapped in paper. Save money by purchasing it from a local restaurant or hotel supply business.

Think about how many toothbrushes you'll use in a year or a lifetime. Multiply that by the amount of people. It adds up quickly, doesn't it? Unfortunately, plastic and electric toothbrushes are not easily recyclable, and they are frequently discarded in garbage cans. Worst of all, they find their way into our oceans. Bamboo toothbrushes are compostable and easy to find and so are other options in wooden compostable toothbrushes.

Makeup & Deodorant

The majority of cosmetics come in non-biodegradable packaging. Thankfully, a few forward-thinking businesses are leading the way with wooden, cardboard, and refillable alternatives. The simplest method to eliminate waste from your makeup regimen is to limit your purchases to bulk items from your local dispensary or health food shop.

Reduce your cosmetics and consider homemade alternatives such as cocoa powder as a bronzer and homemade balms that can be used on the eyes, lips, hair, and nails. Let us know in the comments and we could look into this for you.

Many shops now sell deodorant sticks or bars, making it easy to buy deodorant without packaging (think soap bars for your underarms). The deodorant stones can also be used. Mineral salts, notably potassium alum, are the active constituents in these stones, and they operate to inhibit odour-causing bacteria.

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