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Period Underwear - 5 More Reasons Why!

Femino Period Underwear

We've previously seen why a pair of menstrual briefs are an excellent alternative to traditional sanitary products like sanitary pads & tampons. They are even a great backup protection when used with cups- depending on the heaviness of your flow. Menstrual briefs are discreet and uncomplicated, providing you with the comfort you require throughout your period. Today we bring you 5 more reasons to switch to period underwear.


Many period underwear products are designed to be reused, as opposed to typical menstrual products that are flushed down the toilet or thrown away. Period underwear can last between two and five years if properly cared for.

Give your Femino Brief a thorough rinse in cold water before putting them in the washing machine. Any residual blood might contribute to the growth of bacteria, so make sure you clean them thoroughly.


Traditional menstrual products like pads & tampons have to be thrown out after every use and thus have a huge lifetime cost, unlike period underwear which you can keep for years.  We've already discussed how switching to period underwear results in less waste. But, it also results in spending less money since you need fewer of them. That doesn't even take into account the cost of stained underwear!


Some women may find pads to be too cumbersome or bulky to wear, and tampons to be uncomfortable to insert. Period Underwear solves both these problems.


Your body will thank you! Think about it, why should we abuse the one who will be with us for the rest of our lives? The Femino Brief is created with a blend of organic cotton - providing utmost comfort, and Bamboo microfibre layer - offering maximum absorbency. The unique ultra-thin layers ensure performance & breathable all day long protection. We also make sure that chemical or hazardous items that are harmful to your body are not used while manufacturing.


Wearing period underwear when you're on your period is also known as 'free bleeding.' This way your period can flow naturally from your body, plus there's no mess to worry about with your Femino Brief on.

In Summary

There are more advantages to wearing period underwear than you would believe. They generate substantially less waste and they are less expensive in the long term than typical menstrual products. Moreover, they are simple to use and wear, and they might provide a more pleasant & efficient approach to control your period.

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