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Period Underwear- 5 Reasons Why!

When it's that time of the month, many of us rely on disposable menstruation products like pads, liners, and tampons to get by. It's what the great majority of women do without even thinking twice.

But what if you dumped all those period products in favour of period underwear? Let's take a look at five reasons why this might be the right choice:

#1 Don’t Stain It All

Who doesn't have a pair of the infamous "menstrual underwear," the ones we exclusively wear during our periods since we're frightened of staining the others? The term menstrual underwear makes much more sense with the Femino brief. It's the perfect panty - meant for your menstrual cycle. Because it is washable and developed specifically for menstruation, there is no risk of staining other underwear or this one.

#2 Planet friendly

One woman uses approximately 5 to 15,000 pads and tampons (together with all the packaging that comes with them) during the course of her life.

These same products are also ending up in landfills, contributing to the global pollution catastrophe, and because many of them use plastic or have plastic packaging, their environmental impact is long-lasting. Period panties are reusable and much more eco-friendly.

#3 Ease Of Use

Simply put them on like a regular pair of knickers and go about your daily business. While the concept of bleeding directly into your underwear may take some getting used to, some individuals find that utilising period underwear works better for them than fussing with tampons and the like.

#4 That Natural Feel!

Femino Briefs are similar to wearing a regular pair of underwear - the only difference is that they have an additional layer that can function as a pad & provide extra protection to stop leakage.

#5 Never Get Caught Out

How many times have you been out and about when your period started and you didn't have any sanitary products with you? Or have you delved into your purse and discovered that you've ran out of them? If you go out wearing period panties, this situation can be avoided.

Period panties are a new phenomenon when it comes to feminine hygiene products. With so many significant advantages to using them, environmental & personal, period underwear are definitely worth a go, even if just for one day.

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