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Menstrual Cups & Public Restrooms

If you're considering switching to menstrual cups, you're probably already aware of the several advantages of doing so, over conventional period products. Menstrual cups are environmentally safe, nontoxic, and cost-effective, and they may even help relieve menstrual pains to a certain degree. It's natural to have concerns about how switching to menstrual cups. It may affect your daily routine, as with any change.

Today, we'll look at how to clean your Femino cup in a public restroom, which is one of the most common concerns among women, as far as cups are considered.

Do Period Cups ‘Hold’ Up?

The normal tampon can only absorb one teaspoon of fluid before needing to be replaced. The Femino cup, on the other hand, can contain up to three times as much. Because of the increased capacity and the harmless nature of the materials used in their manufacture, you can leave your Femino cup in for up to 8 hours. That means you may put your cup in before going to school or work, and then remove it easily and safely when you arrive home that evening. But occasionally, you'll need to clean your menstrual cup when you're away from home.

If this occurs, follow the step-by-step instructions below for a quick and seamless cleanup!

Don't worry, we won't tell you to dash to the sink on the other side of the bathroom stall and hope no one notices you cleaning your cup; that would be quite awkward.

Step 1
Before entering the stall, wash & sanitize your hands. This contributes to the prevention of yeast infections.

Step 2
If a damp paper towel is available, bring it into the stall with you to wipe your cup or your hands.

Step 3
Take your menstruation cup out and empty the contents into the toilet.

Step 4
Wipe your cup clean with clean toilet paper or paper towel after spraying it with water. (Note: do not flush paper towels; instead, place them in the trash.)

Step 5
Place your cup in your palm and wipe it clean with a wet wipe, toilet paper, or paper towel.

Step 6
If you don't have access to water, you can wipe the cup with a clean tissue or just re-insert it without rinsing it.

Step 7
When you exit the bathroom stall, wash your hands again.

Typically, you should wash your menstrual cup with water before and after each usage (always using safe-to-drink, potable, clean water to rinse your cup). When using a public restroom though, you may not be able to wash your cup thoroughly, if at all. This will suffice for the time being, but you'll want to clean things up when you have a chance or when you get home.

It's critical to keep your menstrual cups clean to avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) or illnesses such as yeast infections or Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Also, the cup will seal properly if the build-up is removed.

What Has Your Experience Been?

You are welcome to contact us at any time if you have any queries or are unclear about how to use or change your cup. We'd also love it if you could tell us more about your experiences with the menstrual cup. Have you ever had to clean or change your menstrual cup in a public restroom or anywhere else unusual? We're looking forward to hearing from you 😊

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