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Why The Pandemic Is The Best Time To Become A Cup Convert

Toilet paper has been much talked about during the coronavirus pandemic – a panic buy item & a subject of ridicule. But for women in particular, there are certain sanitary products that could see the same ‘empty-shelf’ fate as toilet paper, namely pads and tampons. As the reality of self-isolation is slowly dawning upon us, those of us who menstruate may feel like stockpiling these sanitary products.

Given this situation and the potential for shortage, making the switch to a period cup would be a well-timed move right now. Here are the main reasons why:

No Place Like Home

Think about it. In theory, now is the perfect time to switch to the cup. Why? Because a lot of people are spending more time at home nowadays, which could make trying one relatively easier.

Because of social distancing, you are using your own bathroom now more than ever, making it an ideal time to learn using a menstrual cup, at your pace.

Cups Save

The average woman spends about $13.25 per month on tampons or pads (Source: The Femino menstrual cup costs $28 and won’t need a replacement for years. The cost of a period cup upfront will be more than other sanitary products, but this one-time buy can last you a decade.

It’s essential to have a reusable alternative to fall back on just in case another brutal wave of this ultimate “period cramp” from hell, that is COVID19, hits us.

For A Healthy Vagina

To live its best life, a healthy vagina needs certain naturally occurring vaginal mucus. Unlike tampons, which absorb blood along with this mucus, menstrual cups do not cause vaginal drying.

The pH balance of your vagina will likely be healthier when you switch to a cup. You only need to empty it every 8 hours, depending on your flow- and you are good to go.

A Sustainable, Waste-free Alternative

COVID19 has been disastrous, and it’s at times like these that it’s worth re-thinking our over-reliance on disposable items. Pads and tampons produce uncontrollable amounts of trash - 20 billion tampons & pads are thrown away each year. The Femino cup is a shot glass sized piece of medical grade silicone that offers a reusable and environmentally friendly solution.

So, Have You Decided To Make The Switch?
If yes, then that’s great news. Now, you might find yourself with boxes of tampons, pads, panty liners, or other items that you aren’t planning to use anymore. If so, consider donating them to an organization that is combating period poverty. You could be a source of real help to someone during the pandemic.

Having a period cup and knowing how to use it introduces a new and sustainable way to manage your periods – either when pads and tampons fail, or when the pandemic has you facing empty store shelves. Visit our store & order yours today! 

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