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Cups Causing Cramps? Here’s How To Correct The Situation

Girls experiencing menstrual cramps

Do you have issues with your menstrual cup? Not sure if you got the proper size? Are you sick of the cramps that your period cup causes? Don't give up too soon! We’ve got your back with these key issues you may face with your period cup.
Let’s address them, one by one, and see what you can do about them:

Issue#1 The Wrong size

If you're wearing a cup that's too big for your body, it could be sitting too high, pressing too hard on the vaginal walls or on the cervix, causing pain and discomfort, including cramps.
Experiment with different folds (the “push down” fold is one of our favourites for making your cup as small as possible). Don’t be afraid to use some pH balanced, water-based lubricant on the rim of your cup when inserting.

Issue#2 Not inserting properly

Getting used to inserting your cup may take a few cycles. Inserting your cup too high into the vaginal canal might cause discomfort, and if your cup sits adjacent to your cervix rather than beneath it, you will most likely experience pain right away. If your cup is pressing against your cervix, you might feel a dull ache.

When you insert the menstrual cup too high, the cup suction might irritate your cervix, resulting in cramps and discomfort.

Allow your cup to pop open lower in the vaginal canal when inserting it, then gently push it up into place. Your vaginal cup should be placed directly below the cervix, not against or beside it, and should be lower than a tampon. Make sure the cup still fits fully in your vagina without anything showing out.

Issue#3 Too Long For Comfort

If you have a short vaginal canal or a low cervix, the stem of your menstrual cup may protrude outside the vaginal canal, causing irritation- yikes!

The Femino Solution

-The Femino Cup is built with a shorter stem. This way the cup has more space to be able to pop open. This also means that the suction will occur below the cervix, instead of on it. This might be a huge relief for your cramps!

-Sometimes you experience a strong seal/suction when there are no air holes with period cups. The Femino cup has an air hole close to the rim to correct this.

-Some individuals experience extra pressure with a bulky rim. The rim of the Femino cup on the other hand is slender and super-soft.

Leaving It To The Professionals

Every one of us has a unique body. You may find one particular brand of menstrual cup works better for your anatomy than any others.

Your period cup should not cause any discomfort if it is inserted correctly and is the suitable size for you. However, for other individuals, this isn't the case. If you've tried the suggestions above and are still having problems, stop using your menstrual cup and seek advice from your medical practitioner.

Menstrual cups may not be suitable for people who have a tilted uterus, pelvic organ prolapse, weak pelvic floor tone, or other similar medical issues.

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