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Are You Too Old To Switch To A Menstrual Cup?

Most of us become accustomed to a period product early on, and never question it again. Whether it was because of the free samples or the suggestions and personal experience of the person explaining periods to you, your decision was most likely not unbiased. You probably have not considered all of the advantages and disadvantages of all of the menstrual care proucts available. 

And if you're pre-menopausal, chances are you didn't even have the choice of using a menstrual cup, when you first started having periods. In 2020, however, you have the opportunity to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle thanks to products such as the Femino cup.

 Approaching Menopause – A Good Time To Switch

This is also the golden age when you have been menstruating for at least three decades. You may have had children, and you are intimately acquainted with your body at this point. This is a phase of transition between your reproductive years and menopause.

You have reached menopause, if you have not had a period for 12 months. Your body goes through a lot of changes in the days leading up to this. You may experience heavy, irregular periods, as well as hot flashes and sweaty nights.

These three to four years of a woman's life can be quite stressful, especially if she has a demanding career and a family. Nonetheless, a small cup can significantly alleviate your perimenopausal symptoms.

Period irregularities are a common perimenopausal symptom.  Aunt flow may pay a surprise visit. A cup is so little that it can easily fit into a purse or handbag! You don't have to pack your complete supply of sanitary napkins before heading to work or catching a flight.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Have you always wondered how menstrual cups work? When it comes down to it, inserting, emptying, and removing a Femino Cup is a piece of cake.

This is especially true for anyone who has had children, gynecological check-ups, or smear tests. For this segment of the population, after a few tries, you should be able to perform it with your eyes closed. Your anatomy is no longer a mystery — to you or a health care provider, or partner.

If you use a contraceptive IUD, we offer some pointers to help you pair a Femino Cup and an IUD safely.

Enjoy An Active Lifestyle - With Less Worry

With a menstruation cup, you have one less thing to keep track of - during your home inventory stock taking excercise. We all do it to avoid running out of necessities like toilet paper or, for some, coffee.

When you've been menstruating for a few years, you have a solid sense of what to expect and how your periods will effect your day-to-day life. When you use a menstrual cup, you can forget about the period product you're using. Menstrual cups are comfortable, and with the Femino Cup, even if you replace them every 8 hours, there is still some capacity left over.

Making time to exercise will help you deal with some of the perimenopausal symptoms in particular. Knowing that no matter what kind of flow you have, it will not effect your choice of exercise, is liberating.

Final Words

It is never too late to begin, even if you believe you are approaching menopause. In fact, the Femino Cup practicality makes that adjustment a little easier.

Disposable sanitary napkins and tampons were for twentieth-century women, and most cup users, young and old, regret not switching sooner.

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