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Using A Femino Cup With Your IUD

For all women in their reproductive years, birth control is a common concern.

People are looking for choices that are affordable, accessible, and convenient. An IUD (Intrauterine Device) is a popular option, and many IUD users choose to pair it with the convenience & comfort of a period cup.

Because of their reusable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly design, menstrual cups are becoming more common. However, if you have an Intrauterine Device inserted, you need to consider a few things before using a menstrual cup.

Wait. Intrute…….. What!?!

IUDs are T-shaped devices that are unobtrusive and efficient. IUDs must be implanted by a medical professional, and the operation takes just a few minutes. A speculum is inserted into the vaginal canal and the IUD is then inserted into your uterus through the opening of your cervix.

Since the opening to the cervix is widened, having an IUD implanted during your period will also make the whole experience less painful. IUDs that are hormonal may also help people who suffer from menstrual disorders and excessive bleeding.

When Can I Start Using My Femino Cup?

Before using a menstrual cup, it's best to wait at least 6 weeks post the IUD insertion. The National Health Service advises waiting at least three months.

Femino Cup + IUD – Here’s How

When you use a menstrual cup, take these measures to reduce the chances of your IUD falling out-

  • Keep your menstrual cup away from the cords of your IUD. Make sure the strings don't get stuck between the cup's edge and your vaginal wall, where they might be pulled on, when your cup comes out. They need to be in your cup.
  • Keep an eye on the strings to see if they've changed. Regularly examine your strings. It would be easier to detect changes if you are aware of how they normally feel. It's possible that your IUD has shifted if they're longer than normal.
  • Request shorter strings from your doctor. They will shorten the length of your IUD strings for you. This makes sure that your IUD string isn't so long that it pulls the IUD out with it when you remove your Femino cup
  • When you insert your menstrual cup, it should establish suction. When you're about to remove it, make sure you first crack the seal. If you don't, you risk putting too much pressure on your IUD, which might cause it to fall out. To avoid unnecessary tugging at the base, try pushing your cup into a C-shape before removing it.

 The Final Verdict

So, can you use an IUD with your Femino cup? ABSOLUTELY! However, considering your cervix position, the length of your IUD strings, and other factors discussed above, we strongly advise that you check with your doctor first.

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