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Alcohol Consumption During Your Periods – Here’s What You Need To Know

How alcohol affects your period

While you may crave alcohol, consuming it during your period might have a negative impact on your hormone levels. Alcohol can enhance the body's synthesis of both oestrogen and testosterone. Excessive amounts of either can aggravate PMS symptoms, particularly mood swings and irritability. It also has an effect on the balance of prostaglandins, which can aggravate cramping.

Can Alcohol Cause More Bleeding?

Menstrual blood is distinct from the rest of your body's blood. In addition to blood, it contains mucus and fragments of the inner uterine lining.

Your body tends to get more dehydrated after a night of drinking. Alcohol's dehydrating effects may make blood and mucus thicker and hence more difficult to pass.

Alcohol Can Affect Your Periods In Major Ways

-Alcohol has the ability to increase estrogen and testosterone levels in the body. This might cause your menstrual cycle to be disrupted, resulting in unexpected and even skipped periods. And we all know how irritating that is.

-Cramps can be excruciating, and drinking during your period can cause the misery of cramps to last for days. This occurs because alcohol intake can promote dehydration, which makes you more prone to cramps. So, if you already have cramps, drinking can aggravate them.

-Symptoms such as breast soreness, headaches, and mood swings can worsen after a night of drinking.

-During your menstrual cycle, the magnesium levels in your body change. Drinking alcohol might exacerbate the variations and deplete magnesium levels to a great extent.

-Wine is an exception to this rule, when consumed in small amounts. Certain components in a glass of red wine may act as a protective barrier against the physical anguish of period pains. Read more about it here.

Healthy Beverage Options

In closing, let’s look at 5 non-alcoholic drinks that can help with your painful period cramps:

1) Water

Staying hydrated is always important, but it is more crucial during your period. This is because water helps to prevent bloating, which is not only uncomfortable but also painful.


2) Fresh Smoothies

A wholesome & fresh smoothie can also help to relieve period discomfort, especially if it's loaded with lush green vegetables! This kiwi and ginger green smoothie, for example, has vitamins and minerals that your body may be lacking during this time of month.

3) Ginger Tea

Ginger is a fantastic component that can help you during your period! Because it has anti-inflammatory qualities, it can alleviate severe cramps.

4) Chamomile Tea

According to studies, the chemicals in chamomile tea may be good for menstrual cramps. This is due to the fact that these substances (hippurate and glycine) can aid to reduce muscle spasms while also relaxing the uterus.

5) Peppermint Tea

This is another tea that is thought to relieve menstrual cramps as well as digestive difficulties. According to one study, peppermint oil relaxes stomach muscles and reduces the severity and frequency of period cramps in many women.

Wearing a period cup that is a right fit for your body, may also help alleviate your period pains. Check out the Femino menstrual cup and why this maybe an ideal choice for you.

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