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6 Reasons To Pack Beeswax Wraps While Camping

Beeswax Wraps - Camping

With the current restrictions on foreign travel, camping getaways have become the "staycation of choice" for many.

Are you a minimalist who enjoys sleeping under the stars? If so, you know that when you go on vacation in a caravan or tent, your storage space can become limited. Cling film is one item that can be substituted. So why not swap out single-use plastic for an eco-friendly Wrap?

Beeswax wraps are the ideal solution for those planning their next camping trip. They are simple to store and can be used repeatedly for a variety of purposes:

1) Beeswax Wraps & Your Meals ‘On The Go’

Camp coolers are an excellent device to keep vegetables and bread fresh for the duration of a long weekend getaway!

Pack lots of Femino Beeswax wraps to store items in your camp cooler as well as snacks for your trips. It's also useful for wrapping dirty utensils while hiking or while packing up at a campground.

2) A Firestarter In The Woods 

Did you know that beeswax wraps are a great way to start a fire? You may make kindling out of old, worn-out wraps. Cut them into strips and throw them in the fire or woodstove. The remaining wax will catch fire, resulting in a long, steady burn with little smoke!

3) Fold Into A Bowl

When you're camping outdoors, you may require a container in an emergency. In this situation, you can effortlessly fold the Femino beeswax wraps into temporary bowls. Beeswax wraps might also come in handy if you find yourself in need of a water vessel when out walking the dog. You must never leave the house without them!

4) Zero Waste Drinking Straws

Have you tried folding up your tiny wax wrap to sip your juice or smoothie instead of using a plastic straw? Although not exactly built for the purpose, beeswax wraps are far easier to clean than other forms of reusable straws. Simply unroll them and wash them in water with eco-friendly dish soap. 

5) Grip & Open

Jar lids become stuck and wrapping a dishcloth for grip does not always work. You could run it under a hot water faucet, but you do not have access to this while camping. Fortunately, beeswax wraps are just sticky enough to provide that extra bit of hold around the lid and your hand, allowing you to twist the lid off.

6) The Perfect Cover Outdoors

Carafes and bottles don't always come with lids, making it tricky while camping. Beeswax wraps form a watertight cover and make it easy to eat outside. Keeping the last of the wine for later? Don't bother trying to jam the cork back into the bottle; your wax wrap will suffice. 

Final Thoughts

We camp because we find peace and delight in nature. We eat food cooked over a campfire, and we celebrate the location we're dedicated to preserving: the great outdoors. Femino Beeswax Wraps  can significantly reduce the amount of plastic that is sent to landfills, which can be an issue when vacationing at a caravan park. While many campgrounds feature recycling bins, plastics can sometimes end up in the wrong bin. You may help, and leave no trace on your adventures, by using Femino Beeswax Wraps.

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