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Heavy Flow - Here's Why Femino's Period Underwear is right for you!

Period underwear for heavy flow, is an ideal solution. DON’T THINK underwear could change your life? When you bleed into a pair that is meant to soak up menstrual blood without leaking – life could seem quite different!  

Period panties work well for women who suffer from heavy periods that cause leakage in other menstrual products.

But How Exactly Do Period Briefs Work?

Moisture-wicking materials with antimicrobial characteristics are used to make Femino’s Period Briefs. These features aid in the leak-proofing of said brief, and they also help in controlling odour – the one reason you may have resisted using pads more frequently. 

The nicest aspect about period underwear is that it is washable and reusable, which is a big selling point. That is, if you're mindful about how much trash you're putting into the environment. 

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Menstruation is unpredictable at times, but it doesn't mean you have to feel unprepared. Many people wear period panties all the time instead of ordinary panties, just to be safe. This is also a good choice if you have a heavy flow, occasionally experience minor bladder leaks, or have a very irregular menstrual cycle.

Periods can be costly to the environment in addition to being unpredictable, and uncomfortable. Disposable menstruation items, such as pads and tampons, are also wasteful ,as they are made to be thrown away after using just once. This is not sustainable specially when your flow is heavy.

This does not even take into account the microplastic particles and plastic debris that end up in our ecosystem as a result of flushing these disposable products, and the negative impact this has on our marine creatures.

By using period underwear, you can save a huge amount of waste per year.

Period Underwear For Heavy Flow - It Depends On What You Need

Let’s say you are absolutely content with your present period solution (menstrual cup) ,but want something to fall back on. Or maybe you want something simple for days when the flow is low. Period panties could be the answer to all your needs. As previously said, they are good backups for ladies with heavy flow. You can also utilise them on their own if it is the appropriate capacity like the Femino Cup. Heavy flow?- we say bring it on.

Safety Concerns About Period Underwear

There are no toxic chemicals in its period underwear. The Femino period underwear is PFA-free ,& designed to be odour free as well.

It has four different layers of protection: moisture-wicking cotton, an odor-trapping lining, a super-absorbent bamboo microfabric, and a leak-resistant barrier.

The Femino Brief is an ideal period underwear for heavy flow because it offers more coverage in general, & will serve you well during that time of the month. Give it a try.

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