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Gen Z & The Period Cup

A menstrual cup is a little FDA-approved, medical grade, funnel-shaped silicone receptacle. This little innovation has found a market among Gen Z-ers, born between 1995 and 2010, who are known for their activism and innovative tendencies. They are blooming into amazing business leaders and some of the best activists the world has ever seen - because of the intersection of these two distinguishing attributes.

#MeToo, climate change sustainability, and healthcare are just a few of the issues that Generation Z is advocating. Using a menstrual cup represents a solution to all of the aforementioned issues. Let’s give the previous statement some more context-

Changing The Conversation

Menstruation used to be a taboo subject, but that is no longer the case. Period.

Unpredictability in geopolitics, along with quick technical breakthroughs, have produced a generation accustomed to change and volatility. Their inquisitiveness has led them to investigate other, out-of-the-box possibilities for expressing their creativity and multitasking abilities.

After working for multiple generations to break the bloody taboos around menstruation, it comes as no surprise that Gen Z is more open than earlier generations about discussing their periods. Even though menstruation shame still exists in today's society, the majority agree that periods are a completely natural phenomenon that should be acknowledged by everyone, including men.

Menstrual cups are bold and visible, reminding everyone that every woman menstruates and that it is not something to be ashamed of. It validates women's difficulties and suffering.

Trashing Disposables For Good

Above all else, young women, ranging in age from 18 to 24, cited environmental and health concerns as the driving force for their decision to shift away from disposables and toward reusable menstrual products.

A commitment to using reusable products to manage periods is closely connected with a greater concern for environmental effects and waste minimization. Many women have explicitly expressed concern about the “plastic waste in landfills”, due to disposable feminine hygiene products like pads & tampons, doing the most damage.

It's only natural that the generation most determined to combat the impact of climate change is also the one who takes charge of its environmental footprint when menstruating.

Cups Prioritize Comfort

Generation Z is all about having their preferences and needs met, and they flock towards products and services that do just that. A menstrual cup, like the Femino Cup, can be used by women of all ages and is crafted to accommodate these different users. Many of our advocates claim that they can’t even feel that it’s there, and as such are given the freedom to go about their busy schedules smoothly.

Similarly, remote work is on the rise, with many Gen Zers choosing to telecommute instead of working out of a physical office. It makes this generation more prepared to embrace the menstrual cup as well.

Emphasis On Healthcare

For ages, reproductive healthcare has been a contentious issue. This problem is particularly prominent among the millions of women in the world who are poor. They may be more susceptible to infections, toxic shock syndrome, and potentially cervical cancer as a result of their limited resources and low-quality disposable period products. Generation Z has turned to affordable and sustainable solutions like the menstrual cup, in an effort to make these health issues - a thing of the past.

Stop sticking to tampons and pads &, like Gen Z, consider making reusable period products as the norm. Visit our store to get started.

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