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Free Bleeding - How period briefs are normalising menstruation

Concerns about the unannounced arrival of periods or the blood soaking & staining through your clothes, are often the result of a lack of conversation about menstruation.

The goal of free bleeding is to change all of that. However, there can be some misunderstanding about what it means to free-bleed. Here's what you should know. 

What does Free Bleeding Mean?

The concept of free bleeding is straightforward: you menstruate without using typical sanitary items such as tampons or pads to absorb or collect your flow. Some see it as a movement aimed at normalising menstruation.

There are several approaches that can be taken. Some people wear their regular underwear — or do not wear underwear at all — while others invest in period-proof apparel.

Is It Unsanitary?

The practice entails unrestricted bleeding. When menstrual blood is exposed to air, it produces an odour and contains a number of bloodborne viruses that can exist outside the human body for an extended period of time.

However, the chance of anything being transmitted to other people is negligible. Free bleeding does not have to be unhygienic if done appropriately. Many people opt to do it exclusively in specific settings, such as at night in bed, in the shower, or at home in general, to limit the quantity of blood they have to clean up.

Wearing a period underwear – Can It Be Considered Free Bleeding?

It's easy to dismiss period panties as "just another menstrual product," yet they're ideal if you want to free bleed but don't want to deal with the trouble of showing through your clothes! Femino's period-proof briefs, for example, have multiple layers built-in that makes leaking nearly impossible.

  • A top organic cotton layer for moisture-wicking
  • A second layer of bamboo microfibre that offers maximum absorbency
  • A high performance TPU layer that is waterproof and improves the durability of the underwear
  • A final fourth layer of organic cotton that improves leak-resistance

All of our period briefs are designed to appear and feel like regular underwear, so you'll find them just as easy to put on during your period. They will not feel out of place on your body or in your pants & dresses! Your free bleeding experience will be just as liberating in our briefs, as it would be in nothing at all.

Clean, Free & Fresh

If you're considering free bleeding as a menstruation method but are concerned about leaking, the Femino period underwear is an excellent choice.

Our briefs are super-soft and super-absorbent, with the ability to keep you dry for up to 8 hours depending on your flow.

You'll feel great and look great, all while remaining as liberated as your choice permits.

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