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Femino Period Underwear – Wash & Care Guide

It might be difficult enough to deal with menstruation without having to worry about the aftermath. Fortunately, wearing period underwear simplifies a lot of things.

If you've already made the wise decision to use period underwear instead of tampons or pads, you understand the importance of investing in long-lasting items. If you've chosen the Femino Period underwear, you're probably aware that it can last up to two years without losing absorbency or quality if properly cared for.

Here are the simple steps to keep maintain your Femino briefs in their best condition:

Step 1: Pre-Wash

To reduce lasting stains on your period underwear, we recommend rinsing or lightly scrubbing them with soap and water before placing them in the washing machine.

Step 2: Hand Wash Or Machine Wash

The Femino period underwear can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use a mild laundry detergent because strong chemicals and bleach can damage the integrity of your underwear.

If you prefer to hand-wash your period underwear, follow these steps:

-Run a cool water stream over your underpants and mix in a tiny bit of hand soap or mild laundry detergent
-Gently rub the fabric of your underwear against itself to remove any stains.
-Rinse every few seconds to ensure that the blood is being washed away. When this is complete and the water begins to flow clear, rinse your undies with clean, cool water

Note: You should avoid using hot water when soaking or washing your Femino period underwear. This can reduce its leak proofing capabilities over time.

Step 3 Drying

Period underwear should only be line dried — if possible, we prefer drying in the sun. Sunshine has natural anti-microbial characteristics that are beneficial to your undergarments. A pair of briefs takes 7-10 hours to dry on average.

Heat will damage the materials in the unique four-layer system and may impact the performance or shape of the Femino brief if it is machine dried.

How Many Pairs Will You Need Per Cycle?

We recommend 5 pairs of period underwear for every menstrual cycle, i.e if you use them exclusively during your cycle. If you use them as backup with the Femino Cup, 2 pairs should enough.

Once you've decided to use conscious period products like the Femino Brief, that are excellent for both your health and the environment, make the most of them by following the proper care recommendations mentioned in this blog.

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