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femino period cup bundle
femino period cup bundle deal
Set of Femino Period Cup
Set of Femino Period Cup
Set of Femino Period Cup
Set of Femino Period Cup
Set of Femino Period Cup
Set of Femino Period Cup
Set of Femino Period Cup
Set of Femino Period Cup

Set of Femino Period Cup

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Buy 2 cups for only $30 and save $10🔥

At Femino we make period cups simple 😊 

Every period cup purchase helps mother earth.

The Femino Period Cup set completely replaces tampons and pads and each cup can be worn for up to 8 hours.  Use one for the day and the other one for night. Be covered all the time.

The reusable Period Cup collects rather than absorbs your menstrual fluid. This means no leaks, and less waste. Also less trips to the bathroom when you’re on your period, and a better understanding of your cycle, health and wellbeing.


  • Universal Period Cup Size
  • 100% German medical grade silicone 
  • 8 hours leak-proof protection, day and night
  • Unique finger grips with for easy insertion and removal
  • Super Soft and flexible
  • Super soft stem
  • Reusable and made to last for years
  • Large fluid capacity (equivalent to what 3 tampons would hold) and spill safe rims
  • Comes with a handy how-to guide 
  • 2 breathable organic cotton bags are also provided for storage of each cup in between usage.

One cup lasts up to 5 years and saves well over 1,000 tampons or pads from landfill!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Catherine M
Best value for people doing it tough

Traditionally Period Cups have been too expensive but, thanks to Femino, I was able to buy numerous sets which worked out to $15 each. As a supporter of Share the Dignity, a NFP that collect period products for those in need, this fantastic price has allowed me to buy extra to donate during the August collection drive. There are many advantages of cups but the main one is not having to find money to buy tampons and pads every month. One cup and you're set for many years to come.

Priyanka J.

Huge fan! The design makes it so easy to remove the cup, compared to other cups. Highly recommend.

Kayla B.

I just switched to this brand and love it that I no longer need to use pads and tampons.

Chloe D.

It's the best one I have ever used. Delivery was fast and received it next day..just in time...

Maria A.

Just received mine. This one is so much better and softer than the previous one I have been using. Thank you Femino

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