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Why Women With Endometriosis Should Consider Using Period Underwear

Endometriosis is a prevalent condition in women that causes significant discomfort and infertility. And, in most cases, it frequently stays untreated for many years.

This is a condition wherein tissue identical to the lining of the endometrium (which normally lines the uterus) is discovered in atypical places across the body, most commonly the pelvis. This causes a variety of problems including pelvic pain and potential infertility.

During a normal menstrual cycle, shedding from the uterine walls can exit through the vagina, but in endometriosis, this tissue has no method of leaving the body.

Endometriosis is characterised by painful and heavy periods, and many women find it too difficult to use traditional period products like tampons, for some or all of their cycle.

Enter period-proof underwear. It has recently transitioned from being a hippyish & non-conformist item, to being marketed as a viable, pragmatic aspect of menstruation management. Their moisture-wicking fabric keeps leaks and stains at bay, in addition to the fact that they look and feel like regular underwear.

Underwear For Those Long & Heavy Day

Women with endometriosis can have extremely long periods that can last up to 28 days. When you have your period for such a long time, wearing reusable period underwear rather than pads is simply an inexpensive, and more ecological option.

For endometriosis patients, period underwear is a great alternative to disposable products such as a pad, and isn't as painful as using tampons.

A Solution For Period Bloating

Bloating is another unpleasant symptom of endometriosis, and it can be especially bad around the time of your period. A comfy solution is period underwear with a waistline that does not dig in or that sits below your bloating.

An Active Lifestyle Helps You Live With Endometriosis

We recognize that there is a time and place for Netflix and a hot water bottle. But it is necessary for women to be active for their physical and mental well-being, as well as to cope with period pain.

However, for someone with endometriosis, nothing is worse than going for a run, or even a brisk stroll, and being hot and sticky in a big pad. Women suffering from endometriosis frequently report that their social lives are impacted, that leaving the house or engaging in strenuous activities is exceedingly difficult, and that some women suffer from depression as a result of their endometriosis.

In a way it's about restoring women's self-esteem. Having your period may not be the most pleasant experience, but availability of menstrual products, such as the Femino Period underwear, can help women with endometriosis feel comfortable in their skin, more confident to go out, and be more active, allowing them to live well with this disease.

The Perfect Backup

Period underwear, when used in combination with other items, provides peace of mind. That can be life-changing for people suffering from endometriosis or bladder weakness. On your light or medium days, it can go from being your backup to your sole period product. Remember, everyone's menstrual cycle is unique.

In Summary

Here are some of the reasons why women with endometriosis gravitate towards the period underwear:

  • Soft, breathable organic cotton
  • Looks and feels like regular underwear
  • Four layers of leak protection
  • Less bulky than a pad
  • Cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to tampons & pads

Exposure to plastics and chemicals in pads and tampons has also been linked to an increase in the risk of a variety of health disorders, including endometriosis. Thus organic cotton period briefs not only reduce your environmental impact but also your toxic load. Visit our store & give the Femino Brief a try.

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