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Dear Diary — menstrual cup

Refreshing Relief - Orange Peach Green Smoothie

For those of you who wish to add a little more greens to your diet, we have a fantastic smoothie for you! It's nourishing and refreshing. And, it's ideal for a wholesome breakfast during your period because it's made with a simple blend of fresh fruits and vegetables. This orange peach spinach smoothie screams summer, while easing painful periods. ‘Smooth’en The First 7 Days Of Menstruation It's critical to obtain plenty of iron during the first phase of your cycle, to restore your body after losing key minerals in your blood. Spinach is an excellent addition to smoothies since it is high in iron and other minerals. Bananas, which are abundant in potassium and B6, can help you feel better and...

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Refreshing Relief – Why Smoothies Are Good During Your Period

Smoothies are quite versatile. You may easily make the healthiest smoothie for period cramps - detoxifying, and gut-friendly - all in one glass! Do how do smoothies actually help period cramps? In this blog series, we'll explore the how & why. We will also be sharing some of our favourite menstrual pain-relieving smoothie recipes that you can easily whip up. Before we get into the recipes (the topic of our upcoming blogs in the series), let’s have a look at how the ingredients in a smoothie actually help to ease painful periods. Curbing Inflammation In a previous post on Natural Remedies For Periods, we addressed how the fundamental cause of menstruation pain is high amounts of a hormone called prostaglandin....

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Toxic Shock Syndrome (Part 2) – Can Cups Protect You?

All of this information in part 1 is great, right? But however rare, we know that TSS does happen. The good news is that there are measures we can take to protect ourselves. We've put together a useful checklist to help you understand how to properly care for your cup and when you should choose to take a break and temporarily use a sustainable alternative like period underwear instead of vaginally implanted products. Maintaining Cup Hygiene • Sanitize your cup by boiling it for 2-3 minutes (no longer than 5 minutes) and wiping it thoroughly in between periods. • Throwing your storage bag in with a load of laundry to wash • Before inserting or removing your cup, wash your...

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Toxic Shock Syndrome (Part 1) – What You Need To Know

TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is a disorder caused by bacterial toxins (pathogen Staphylococcus aureus) that is commonly connected with menstruation products. But it can be contracted by both men and women through a variety of routes. TSS can result in death or amputation of limbs in some extreme circumstances. The Main Culprit – Tampons Tampons have been a major source of TSS for decades, but the peak of TSS cases occurred in the 1970s, when Proctor and Gamble's "Rely" ultra absorbent tampon caused multiple deaths. Although this tampon was withdrawn from the market, incidences involving both proper and improper tampon usage continue to be reported. Tampon users are advised to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, avoid bleached tampons or ones made...

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Heat Oil & Water - The 3 Elements Of Period Care

Your body is your best friend, till the end. What would you do if your actual best-friend was going through a hard time? You'll obviously look after them and give them everything you've got - you'll strive to be there for them at all times, check in on them, pamper them, and make sure they go back to their old selves as quickly as possible. Why shouldn't you want to do the same for yourself if you're prepared to do it for someone else? Stay in touch with your body during a grueling time like menstruation with these 3 elements: Bring The Heat Relax the muscles of your uterus by applying a warm patch or wrap to your abdomen. Heat ...

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